Mango Scones

Mango Scones

OK, so if you’ve never had scones, you are in for a treat!  Scones got their start as a Scottish quick bread. Some say the word “Scone” is derived from a Dutch word meaning “Beautiful Bread.”  We love these things! Bake them for breakfast or to go along with your afternoon tea. Your friends will […]

Mango-Cream Cheese Spread

Can’t live without your bagel and cream cheese?  Well, here’s a flavor twist. Java Bite dried mangoes alongside honey, cinnamon and pecans create a first-class cream cheese spread.  Amazing color and unbeatable taste. Try it on bagels, waffles, between 2 slices of French toast, on your English muffin or on simple toast as well! Prep […]

Dark Choco-Mango Delights

Mango-Chocolate Bits

Sweet and tart, fruity and chocolatey, these dried mango chocolate delights are ridiculously addicting! Give them out as presents or serve as a pretty and yummy dessert. Either way, your kids and your guests will come back asking for more! Ingredients: 18 oz (500 grams) dark or semi-sweet chocolate 14 oz (400 grams) Java Bite […]

Oatmeal Mango Bars

JB Oatmeal Mango Bars

When you need an old “standby,” this is it!  Your basic fruit bar recipe with the hidden yumminess of tropical paradise in the middle. Although our Java Bite mangoes are great all alone as a snack, let them dress up your bars today.  Your family will love it! Prep time: 30 minutes /Total time: 60 […]

Mango-Yogurt Coffee Cake

JB Mango-Yogurt Coffee Cake

Are you looking for a moist, homemade Coffee Cake without all the additives? This is your ticket! The yogurt adds moisture and heaviness that makes baked goods amazing. The Java Bite dried mangoes add the unique tropical yumminess that will make your kids ask for more. There are two recipes here.  *For the lighter one, […]